We manufacture the best quality multi ladders, step stools, work platforms and ramps.

Ascent Products

We build quality
into every item we make.

Multi ladders, step stools, platforms and ramps.

Redundant Design

Like Airplanes, we have built in "back up" engineered into each product we make. Our Ladder rungs are not only MIG welded to the frame, but they are also bracketed and riveted. This gives us years of safe and reliable operation. Our Twin Pin Locking Hinge is similar in that we have double protection. In our ANSI Testing Protocol, we load and test each ladder with one J-Lock unlocked, just in case one were ever to fail.


Sometimes Aircraft Aluminum isn't enough. We employ other materials to add strength at critical stress points. These are things like Chromium Plated Brackets, Machined Steel Cores for our Twin Pin Hinge and Virgin Materials for our Non Slip Feet. We pay attention to every detail when it comes to SAFETY.

Multi-Purpose Ladders

We are focused on offering the best specialty ladders on the market.
Designed and tested for North America, we have build our Mighty Multi line of Multi Task and Specialty Ladders
using Aircraft Grade Aluminum for ultimate versatility and dependability when and where you need it.